Millennials: A Generation of Travelers

Millennials are changing perspectives of how they view life. They are the generation born between 1980-2000 and were raised by parents who were born in the generation of “Baby Boomers”. These two generations clash on many things. Baby Boomers are generally known to stick to a routine, leaving out, on occasions, great opportunities in traveling. […]

8 Tips for Traveling Pictures

We all know for a fact that we LOVE the pictures we see on our social media feed...of Italy, Thailand and Mexico… But what if YOU were to take professional pictures? One of the many things that are essential for traveling is a camera either if it is a digital camera or a phone. Taking [...]

Why Travel?

We are used to be stuck with a daily routine: we wake up, get out of bed, eat breakfast work 8 hours a day, come back home and go to sleep, and repeat it the next morning. Perhaps you feel a little bit dragged down because you might not feel free enough to do the [...]

Who We Are

Are you an adventure seeker? Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and explore this wonderful island called Puerto Rico? We have some news for you! Local Guest is a San Juan based company solely dedicated to providing unique experiential tourism adventures to local and foreign travelers. Through this initiative, we aim [...]

Don’t Let Your Job Stop You From Traveling

When you have a lot of work, the last thing that would pop in your mind is traveling. Perhaps you might think “I don’t have time for that” or “I don’t know, it’s too risky and I don’t have the budget”. What if I told you that if you work monday through friday and STILL [...]

8 Reasons to Travel with Local Guest

  1. Locals know.. Locals have the knowledge of the best places in town. We know when and where to go, and how much it costs. Travelers need to know that the most popular places aren’t always the best, there’s a lot more than San Juan for you. You will be surprise of the things [...]

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