Puerto Rico is a tropical island, usually it is very hot, but also has rainy seasons. The weather isn’t constant, you should be prepare for a sunny or rainy day. The temperature tends to vary between 80˚F and 95˚F. We suggest you look it up in a weather app depending on the season you come.

Depending on the experience you choose there will be notified the appropriate clothing. Due to our tropical climate in most of the experiences it is suggested light and comfortable clothes.

Once you book your experience we will give you access to the contact information of the host (email and cellphone).

You have different options of transportation: Jaime, Metro Taxis, Major Cab Company, Uber or you can rent a car.

That depends on the type of experience and the host, each experience has a different timetable, but usually you should book with at least 5 to 3 day of anticipation.

Please consult our cancellation policy here for details of cancellations of every experience.

You check the availability to the experience and simply add another person on the date that you already booked.

Yes, you can evaluate and rate your host at their profile on the web page.

There will not be any additional charges for the services included. If you want to take another service or buy something that is not included in the experience then that will be an additional cost.

After you book your experience the host will contact you directly for further information (meeting point, gear, special attire, etc.). Also, you can communicate with them once we give you their contact information.