Love In Motion

The Caribbean is going through one of the biggest humanitarian crisis in its history. On September 2017 Hurricane Irma & María made landfall as categories 5 and 4 hurricanes damaging everything on its path and leaving the country in state of emergency. Currently the residents are suffering with great deficiency of clean water, food, gasoline, diesel, power and telecommunications.

The love and support received from people around the world is a beautiful testament of the nature of our community. As a tourism startup, we feel the need to be of service to our Island by becoming a liaison for relief and volunteerism. We have partnered up with local community based organizations, the diaspora, and industry stakeholders to bring a ray of hope to those communities in need.

Our efforts will concentrate in the following:

  • Relief: Provide warm food, basic goods, clean water and cleaning crews to hard-hit communities.
  • Special Fund: Our crowdfunding campaign will be solely dedicated to all upcoming community efforts. To donate visit:
  • Sustainability: In order for communities to recover and grow. We will develop an educational program with industry stakeholders and community based organizations. Educational workshops for sustainable growth will be provided, including: health, nutrition, CPR, survival skills, meditation, dealing with PTSD, solar power, recycling, home gardens, among others.
  • Blooming through sustainable tourism: By December 2017 our plan is to provide new sustainable tourism experiences in conjunction with voluntourism opportunities for travelers seeking ways to help and connect with communities, while creating a network of volunteers that are interested in the sustainable development of those communities.



In order to impact communities through sustainable tourism, we need to help them recover first. The road to recovery is a long one but with your help and the insatiable essence of our people, we believe that we can rebuild a stronger and more sustainable country.


*Photographs by Eduardo Martinez

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