Who are we?

Knowing that Puerto Rico is one of the most experience rich destinations in the world, it’s not hard to imagine why we came up with this concept. Local Guest is a San Juan based company solely dedicated to providing unique experiential tourism adventures to both: foreign and local travelers. We aim to uncover the beauty of our island to curious adventure travelers, who are in search of unique and exciting new experiences.

Why experiential travel?

We know that the behavior of the traveler is changing worldwide and even though traditional travel do not go out of style, there is a new generation of travelers that seek inspiration, fun and  a little self-discovery on every trip they tacke. They no longer conform to the typical run-of-the-mill tourist experiences. Blame it on blogs or social media, but one thing is certain, they demand more of each journey they embark upon.

Connecting with your destination…

Local Guest connects you with your destination through locals, some of the most influential experts in several areas of travel, hospitality and entertainment. We have asked them, not just to craft their ideal experience, but also to host it. This concept fosters a new and different experience between a guest and a host.


Carmen Portela
  • Carmen Portela, Co-Founder
  • Monica Perez, Co-Founder
Frances Rivera
  • Frances Rivera, Designer
Iris Landrua
  • Iris Landrua, Community Manager
Isabel Ortiz
  • Isabel Ortiz, Administrative