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We are used to be stuck with a daily routine: we wake up, get out of bed, eat breakfast work 8 hours a day, come back home and go to sleep, and repeat it the next morning. Perhaps you feel a little bit dragged down because you might not feel free enough to do the things you like. Many people experience this situation, until one day they feel like they need something spontaneous happening in their life such as traveling to a foreign country. Traveling is a life-changing experience that can make you change the perspective of life. If you get to travel either cross country or internationally, you are breaking your routine. Why travel?

  1. You will learn new cultures and religions. Maybe you get to know where you came from and get to know where your ancestors lived. There are so many places to go that options are endless.
  2. You get to learn what defines happiness in different countries. You’ll learn to have empathy and sensibility for others, and to be grateful for what you have.
  3. You get to see a whole new dimension of the world. No matter where you go, you’ll always get to meet new people. Nothing is gonna sound more cool than saying that you have friends from France, India, Bali and etc… Get to know the locals!
  4. Discover what the world has to offer… LIVE THE MOMENT!Life is too short to be complaining about your work or being so negative about everything.
  5. Traveling can fill up that void you had in you for so long. It fills you up with happiness and all your problems seem to go away.
  6. Traveling alone might can be a scary concept but it’s essential. You are in control of everything and you get to know yourself through the process. Traveling alone makes you more independent and confident. If you feel bold, go for it!
  7. Travel is essential for everyone because there’s a piece of you that will never be the same (in a good way). Take a lot of pictures, meet people, have a laugh and enjoy life while you can! This world is full of surprises…

Millennials travelers are always looking outside of the box, using social media as a resource of inspiration to discover new places. In addition, there are locals who can guide them to their destination. Local Guest connects you to destinations through meeting local people with special expertise. Not only we asked them to develop their ideal experience but also host it (P.S. they don’t necessarily have to be tour guides). This creates a friendly dynamic between a guest and a host.  

You see, locals are your best option to travel and discover the island because they know the best places for you, of course depending on your tastes and preferences. We provide a bit of everything for everyone, which is why we have five different categories: Adventure Nature, Foodies Galore, Water Escape, Artsy Scene and Party Vibes. You will have the most memorable and mind expanding travel adventure available in the island. With our help, you will be able to wander many beautiful places Puerto Rico has to offer, you will get to know our culture and customs from your own perspective and you will enjoy them as much as possible. Pack your bags and grab your passport, we’re gonna have the best time of our lives!