Hello friends!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy as we navigate this unprecedented time in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. As the months go by since the start of the lockdown in March 15, 2020 we have since then followed closely what the future of tourism is going to be for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the world and how we can take advantage of this time to think of more safe and specially sustainable ways to travel and practice tourism in a more conscious way to create a long lasting impact for the better of the industry. 

We, at Local Guest, have always had a passion for tourism and travel for the benefit of the people, it’s communities, entrepreneurs and the environment. We always make a mission in supporting local and international projects with the main goal to practice more sustainable ways to do tourism, to do it well, and most importantly keep in mind the protection of the well beings of our community leaders and our people.  

With that said, Local Guest has decided to halt all tour and experience operations until January 2021. This decision is based on the fact that we must make the important decision to protect our communities that our collaborators have so graciously let us be part of, it’s people and our staff. It was a hard decision to make but we feel it is our responsibility as players in the sustainable travel and tourism industry to preserve these spaces. 

This is a tough post to write but Puerto Rico’s infrastructure is weak in its core. Local Guest is  part of the tourism industry. We have gained it with sweat and tears and our standing in the industry is based on knowledge, hard work and principles which right now are guiding this post. We fear and worry about our industry but above all we worry about our country and our people’s safety. For this we say to tourists stay home until our government can ensure the safety of locals. We want you back when it is safe but not at the expense of Puerto Ricans safety. 

If you do have to travel for an essential reason to Puerto Rico please know that on July 16, 2020, the Governor of Puerto Rico  issued a new Executive Order closing bars, restaurants, gym’s, beaches and other tourist attractions as we are seeing the number of COVID-19 cases rise in the island. We urge you to read and follow the new national health guidelines, as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( www.cdc.gov ), in addition to local protocols in the following link https://travelsafe.pr.gov/ 

Last but not least, we are monitoring the situation day by day and we are very optimistic that the traveling industry can come back stronger, more responsible and sustainable than ever before. We are hopeful that we will start receiving groups next year, however that may look like, and be able to continue promoting a better and safer way to do tourism that can create a long lasting impact for the better of the industry and especially of our communities. 


Sending our love, 

Carmen, Mónica & Iris 

The Local Guest Team