Hello friends!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy as we navigate this new post-COVID-19 world. Throughout 2020-2021, we have followed closely what the future of tourism is going to be for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the world and how we can take advantage of this time to think of safer and sustainable ways to travel while practicing tourism in a more conscious way in order to create a long lasting impact for the better of the industry. 

That being said, after halting our operations for a year we are slowly receiving interest from groups and travelers to start visiting again. We have taken the time to analyze our structures and offerings to better serve our travelers, community hosts and the overall sustainability of Local Guest. It has been over a year of analyzing the way we connect travelers with communities in a more sustainable and efficient way for all parties involved. That is why we are launching new offerings for groups and travelers:


Itinerary Creation

Save a minimum of 10-20 hours of planning a personalized sustainable driven trip for your group!

Full itinerary with recommendations of experiences, lodging and transportation. 

May include recommendation for meals

Customized for group needs, interests and budget

Includes information and contacts to experience providers 

Itinerary will be ready for execution to manage their own booking process. 

Investment: Non-refundable fee per itinerary per group.

Booking Process & Managing Itinerary Before Arrival

Supporting the lodging & transportation coordination process in Puerto Rico.

Direct liaison between the group and all service providers and suppliers.

Confirm availability, work, fees, manage bookings, contracts and negotiations.

Friend of Puerto Rico 

If you have visited Puerto Rico before and already have the places and collaborators you would like to visit again this is the package for you. We understand that organizations like to be the main point of contact and manage your own deposits and bookings but want to add value or need local support. On some occasions we will be your liaison to make the process more seamless. Our team can provide you with the support you need to finalize your bookings.

Investment: hourly fee

Puerto Rico Newcomer

First time visiting Puerto Rico? Don’t know where to start? We can take care of 100% of your booking process. Your organization will pay the lump sum to Local Guest and we will take care of ALL of your deposits, bookings and confirmations approved by the organization. 

Investment: We would price the itinerary we co-created per person and include our hours of work and operations in the final price for travelers.

Group Coordinator on site

Support the group and the community on-site


Assure all safety guidelines are being followed

May be available for translation 

Help with navigating to remote areas. We recommend following our Group Coordinator instead of trusting the GPS on some occasions. 

Investment: Daily fee up to 8 hours (including travel time)

We believe these offerings will be more cost effective for both and it will bring more value. If you are interested in any of our services please email us at [email protected]

Community work is an enriching and life-changing experience but it takes time and kindness. We are beta testing these offerings to not risk our values of fair-trade, sustainability and for the benefit of people, communities, entrepreneurs and the environment. 

COVID-19 Aid and Resources for the Travel and Tourism Sector and Travel Guidelines. 

Sending our love, 

Carmen, Mónica & Iris 

The Local Guest Team