Hello friends!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy as we navigate this new post-COVID-19 world. Throughout 2020-2021, we have followed closely what the future of tourism is going to be for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the world and how we can take advantage of this time to think of safer and sustainable ways to travel while practicing tourism in a more conscious way in order to create a long lasting impact for the better of the industry. 

That being said, after halting our operations for a year we are slowly receiving interest from groups and travelers to start visiting again. We have taken the time to analyze our structures and offerings to better serve our travelers, community hosts and the overall sustainability of Local Guest. It has been over a year of analyzing the way we connect travelers with communities in a more sustainable and efficient way for all parties involved. That is why we are launching new offerings for groups and travelers:


Coordinator Call

Did you know that the average traveler spends 10-20 Hours researching vacations? This time can easily double if you’re researching a new and unfamiliar destination or if you are looking for true sustainable and community-based tours. Consider how much you earn per hour and how much your time is costing you? Should a week’s vacation equal a 20 hour investment of your time to plan it?

Let us make your booking process easier. Schedule a short 30 minute call with one of our coordinators to receive customized recommendations. Details here

Digital Itineraries

We’ve created comprehensive and thematic digital itineraries for travelers to download. A complete 3-day itinerary that includes experiences and specialized recommendations for your trip to Puerto Rico on what to do, where to stay and where to eat. Vetted sustainable, local and/or community-based experiences and lodging options that are sure to be live changing and support the local economy. Digital customized itinerary with contacts to organizations valued at over $300. 



Community work is an enriching and life-changing experience but it takes time and kindness. We are beta testing these offerings to not risk our values of fair-trade, sustainability and for the benefit of people, communities, entrepreneurs and the environment. 

COVID-19 Aid and Resources for the Travel and Tourism Sector and Travel Guidelines. 

Sending our love, 

Carmen, Mónica & Iris 

The Local Guest Team